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What is QC3.0 USB Wall Charger,does it mean quick charge?

Yes,the hot market featured quick charge is offered by Qualcomm Inc.QC3.0 usb charger is faster than qc2.0 version.The theory is basis on the output voltage enhancement,so that the usb power can be increased,which make the device charge fast.The output range is 3.6V~6.5V/3A,6.5~9V/2A,9~12V/1.5A,the maximum output is 18W.Obiviously,it can save your charging time.

So,we believe this will be the trendency in future,Shenzhen Chengsuchuang Technology Co.,Ltd,specialised in the production for quick charger wall charger,car charger,power bank with oem service,welcome to inquire and contact us to talk more details.We believe,we will cooperate well by the win-win cooperation.



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